Network & Structured Cabling

Network & Structured Cabling

Network Designs, Installations, and Maintenance Services

Supporting critical network systems and swiftly adapting to evolving demands are indispensable functions of a well-crafted IT infrastructure. At RNP, we specialize in providing top-tier voice, data, and fiber optic cabling solutions built upon reliable, high-quality components adhering to industry standards. Whether you're upgrading your LAN or integrating new technologies, our scalable network cabling systems ensure your business remains competitive while minimizing infrastructure costs.

Our process begins with a meticulous assessment of your network environment, followed by meticulous design and planning overseen by experienced project managers. We prioritize transparency and communication, walking you through every step of the process to ensure alignment with your objectives and timelines. With RNP, you can trust that your data center cabling investment is protected, and your network infrastructure is equipped to support future technologies seamlessly.

Explore our comprehensive services including:

  • Local Area Network(LAN) Cable Installations
  • Data & Voice Cabling
  • Network Management
  • Network Survey, Network Design & Mapping
  • Analogue Voice Cabling
  • Network Optimization
  • Server Room Revamp

Ethernet Cabling

RNP-IT Solutions offers expert installation and maintenance of CAT5, CAT6, and CAT7 structured data cabling solutions for Ethernet networks. Our services ensure seamless connectivity, reliability, and high-speed data transmission within your network infrastructure.


Voice Cabling

RNP-IT Solutions specializes in seamlessly relocating, extending, and installing additional voice cables to optimize your communication infrastructure.


Fiber Cabling

RNP-IT Solutions offers professional fiber optic connectivity services to seamlessly link nearby offices.