Physical Security

As technology and business models evolve, security becomes increasingly imperative to maintain the integrity of corporate networks and safeguard the competitive intelligence, data and communication lines they support. We offer affordable IP Based CCTV surveillance and access control systems. These include IP cameras which can be viewed over the internet or cell phones. We add value by working with you to design the best security solution based on your unique security needs. We will then advise on the latest and best vendor and  technology for your needs. Being vendor neutral is an advantage we bring to the table as we will only recommend what’s best for you. We offer comprehensive installation, project management and after sales support services backed by an SLA.

CCTV Installations & Maintenance

Video surveillance has many uses—both exposed and concealed. It can be integrated with other systems such as access control, and viewed from anywhere in the world due to network capability.We work from consultation and design, through to installation and service. Leverage our experience within the evolving and challenging arena of IT network infrastructure.

cctvWe specialize in integrating cutting-edge video solutions such as IP/Megapixel systems into these networks.

Our team are trained to a high standard and are able to provide CCTV installations, repairs and maintenance to many brands of CCTV systems; providing low cost solutions for any upgrades or repairs to faulty systems. We do also carry out a full CCTV maintenance check, ensuring that all CCTV cameras are cleaned and are functioning as they should. We check the quality, focus, movement and wiring of the system, carrying out an extensive service at affordable prices.

Access Control/Time & Attendance

While traditional access control systems might prompt a user to provide a proximity card or a smart card to gain access to a protected resource, a biometric security system requires the user to present their fingerprint (or other biometric) to the system, which is then matched against a stored access controlimage to verify the user’s identity.

Biometric access control systems tie a unique physical attribute of a user to the data that they are allowed to access. The most common biometric access systems use fingerprints, but these systems can also use iris and retinal scans, hand geometry, and facial recognition technology. Biometric technology represents a significant security advancement because it physically proves an individual’s identity. for more information, kindly consult our experts.